Our Products

The company has become one of the leading entities in offering various kinds of cooling towers and allied equipments. Its team, its research and development programmes and well manufacturing faculties have made the company a prominent name in offering wide array of products which includes following details:

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

We produce Natural draft cooling towers which are used in power and chemical plants throughout the world. We offer them in different shapes and types of structures, but their fundamental function is the same. We make these towers durable in quality and performance and they are also easy in maintenance.

Aluminium Fan Assembly

We create an energy saving range of Aluminium Fan Assembly which has aerodynamically designed axial flow type fans to achieve high efficiency. The Fans are made of adjustable FRP/aluminium alloy blades, ensuring large airflow at low static pressure, low noise level. These aluminium fan assembly come with the facility of adjustable pitch angle of the fan blades that can change fan power.

PVC Round Eliminator

The company offers PVC round eliminators that are also known as drift eliminators. These PVC round eliminators are used for reducing carry out losses of moisture drops in the air stream and it is done through a specially designed multi blade rotary drift eliminator which is made of PVC sheets.